9 December 2006

The Scorching Summer

I had written this piece sometime during the summer placement process of my bee-school, around a month and a half back. This is my smallest post so-far but it encapsulates (quite well !!), the way I felt about this maddening race to outdo each other, politely called COMPETITION. The ultimate gospel of business.
The summer placements are going on nowadays. Tomorrow or rather today, coz it’s already 1:27 am, is the day zero. This is the time when you come to know what stuff people are actually made of. GDs are perhaps the biggest bottleneck. People shout, scream at the GDs. Ladies capitalizing on their assets and looks to get ahead the race. Some even go to the beauty parlors before sitting in the GD, especially when there are two young men are in the panel. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. You see the desperations, the frustrations, the triumphs. The best of friends bite each other in the GDs. All the bonhomie vanishes within seconds. It is a typical B-school affair. During the past few days, the heat has increased from lukewarm to hot and probably tomorrow is the time for superheated steam. The placement team is doing a fantastic job. These are the times which make me realize the kind of life I am heading towards. Fast paced. Highly competitive. And also makes me realize that I am not a natural fit there.

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